Robert is an incredible attorney who is not just knowledgeable and reliable, but manages to work with both a gravitas and a sensitive bedside manner when having difficult conversations with artists. It is obvious he really cares about his clients, and we truly appreciated having him on our team as we navigated a strenuous case

Michelle Carnero, Direct Management Group

I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking after me all these years. It feels crazy to think back to when we first met and I played a few songs in the office for everyone to all the things we’ve gone through. I just wanted to say I really appreciate that I could always rely on you. Whenever I came up against something, I always had the confidence that I have you in my corner. That I could always count on you to be fair, but strong. And most of all I appreciate, so much, the advice that’s helped guide me through the last 6 years in this turbulent industry, in situations where I could have easily taken wrong turns. I understand this isn’t any particular occasion or anniversary – but I just felt the need to say thank you; thank you!

Kelvin Jones

Just want to say thank you Sonia! I LOVE working with you, you top off whatever dream team I have in my hands. You help us all realise what we believe in.

Tony Garvey (Redlight Management)
Manager of Chris Lorenzo, Anti Up, Shiftk3y

In 1994 I was introduced to Robert Horsfall by my manager David Wernham. David wasn’t easily impressed and was a stickler for working with exceptional people so when he suggested that I benefit from Robert’s expertise he wasn’t wrong. Being a creative absolute, reading music industry contracts was the equivalent of me reading a script in Yoruba without knowing the language. I didn’t have a clue. “Stanza by stanza” Robert would take me through them. He painstakingly explained what it all meant, which was both revelatory and educational. I feel in very safe hands and am totally assured that I receive sound advice.


I subscribe to the quote by acclaimed author Hunter S Thompson:

‘The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side’.

After 40 years as a manger, agent and promoter, besides artists, you need two key professionals in your team – a good accountant and a smart lawyer. Robert Horsfall has been ‘at my side’ for a number of years, providing excellent and clear sound advice on contracts and music business issues and making sure I stay ‘out of trouble’! His knowledge and contacts within the business are second to none. More recently, Alex Meiklejohn has worked with me successfully on a number of contracts, with calmness and confidence.  I am fortunate that they are both there when needed. I cannot praise Sound Advice too highly.

Peter Conway
Peter Conway Management

Robert at Sound Advice is just wonderful. Every negotiation they have led on behalf of our company or artists has moved significantly in our favour. Robert is a true gentleman and hugely knowledgeable, connected and respected. I never have any hesitation in recommending Sound Advice to our clients.

John Glennon (Jawdropper Music)

I can honestly say that without the guidance Robert has given me over the past 21 years, I doubt whether I would have any kind of professional music career. Like a lot of independent artists, I can be very difficult, so I need someone who will both challenge me when they feel I’m making a mistake but also guide me when I ask for help. It’s very unusual to find someone who is as adept at this people side of the business as well as the legal but Robert is that rare egg. And that’s why I turn to him and Sound Advice for protection and wise counsel. I feel blessed to have known both Robert and the company for so long. Long may they reign!

Jyoti Mishra
White Town

Sonia is swift, efficient and to the point, firm but fair, a real star player, she has one the best work ethics in the business. Her contact book is one of the best in the industry and more importantly she is one of the most respected figures we have in the UK music business. She is one of best, if not the best.

Daniel Lloyd Jones
Head of UK A&R/SVP of International Creative / Downtown Music UK Ltd

Robert is a legend. I had the pleasure of having him on my team during a difficult case, and he made the experience so much easier by being extremely dedicated, compassionate, with a head strong resolve.

Jamie Stenzel pka Au/Ra

They fight hard for their clients.” “They are pragmatic and artist-friendly. Their service goes beyond that of a lawyer.” Sonia Diwan is a “commercially minded and tenacious” music practitioner. Another source describes her as “extremely practical and commercial as well as a tough, confident and persuasive negotiator.” Robert Horsfall is described by clients as “proactive and extremely knowledgeable.” Other sources say: “He is incredibly artist-friendly” and highlight his “amazing deal-making ability.

Chambers UK guide to the legal profession

Dear Sonia and Robert. For more than 20 years you’ve fought for us and our artists. You have been a tremendous force and life wouldn’t have been the same without you, in business and friendship.

Arne Svare
Manager of Katzenjammer and Ylvis

Thank you [Sonia] so much for all your hard work in getting us the deal we wanted. You really are the Queen of the JB team! Can’t wait to see what the future holds… Hopefully a whole wall in your office dedicated to JB discs too.

Jonas Blue
DJ, record producer, songwriter

Thanks for everything Sonia. You’ve been amazing. x

Luke Mitzman
Manager of Zane Lowe and Netsky / 100 Management