The team lives and breathes music. They are immersed in the communities they serve and these strong links reinforce advice with a true understanding of context for their clients.

Chambers UK guide to the legal profession

Great to have you [Sonia] on the team, you’ve been a key part of it, absolutely amazing work!

Aaron Ross
Manager of Jonas Blue / Infinite Future Management

Robert’s unequivocal belief in the artists he represents makes him a committed champion working to secure the very best for his clients. He and Sonia make a formidable team.

Paul Burger
Sam Lee manager / Soho Artists and Chair of Governor’s BRIT School

Thank you for pushing [this deal] through Sonia – that’s why you’re the best in the business!

Saul Milton
Chase and Status


You’ve just saved us ££££ and a lot more in the long term. That’s why you’re the best Sonia!

Will Kennard
Chase and Status

[Sonia] …has been my entertainment lawyer since 2009 and has done an exceptional job in keeping my business affairs and creative dealings in a manner that has enabled me to be the best I can be … I feel like Sonia has enabled me to fulfil my ambitions as a musician in the utmost professional manner and helped me understand the business … none of this [success] would be possible without the guidance of Sonia and her expertise.

Shahid Khan pka Naughty Boy

Sonia Diwan’s flawless attention to detail, coupled with a genuinely creative way of approaching deal-making has brought a huge amount of value to what we do. You are the best! Thanks for such a speedy turnaround, it’s much appreciated.

Paul Centellas, North Pole Management

Robert has brought so much to my career…I am humbled by his belief in me and so grateful for his time, energy, enthusiasm and expertise.

Emily Barker
Singer / Songwriter

Robert Horsfall – excellent legal mind, great experience and commercial instincts. I appreciate the balance he strives for in negotiations so that all parties share value in the deal.

Chambers UK guide to the legal profession

Sound Advice are an incredible asset to us as a business. We love working with the whole team.

Charlie Arme @ Tileyard Music

Sonia is a bad ass solicitor with the Midas touch!

Fred Ball

Since we started working together, Sonia has been nothing short of fantastic. She strives to achieve the best results possible for her clients, and is always at hand to discuss matters in a clear, patient (I can be a little slow on the uptake), and friendly manner. I can’t recommend her services highly enough!

Sam Dixon
Producer/writer / for Adele, Sia, Jack Savoretti, Megan Washington

You can find yourself taking for granted that Robert has a depth of knowledge of the law and years of experience of the music industry that’s matched only by the number of his contacts in it. But what you can never take for granted is the fact that he wants his clients to succeed – he’ll do whatever he can to help you, connect you, support you in your endeavour and make it a success. Plus he loves the music!

John Woollcombe
Manager / Ward Thomas

It is to Robert and the Sound Advice team that I will forever be indebted for so many of the achievements I’ve been privileged to experience in this wonderful and, at times, absurd business. They have been the sails, the rudder, the caulkage and sometimes even the wind keeping my boat not only floating but moving.

Sam Lee

Gravity has been working with Sonia and Sound Advice for a number of years, across both many of our clients as well as our own business. We see Sonia as an integral part of the service we offer to our clients, not only for her professional value but also for her constant support and advice on new business ventures, and having her finger on the pulse in the ever-changing landscape of technology and commerce within the music industry.

Alex Katter, co-owner of Gravity, managers of Edd Holloway, Nick Atkinson, Dan Bartlett amongst others

Robert and Sonia navigated, with expert precision, two Offbeat clients into the perfect label homes – they didn’t mess around! Fun to deal with, straight and to the point.

Adam Lynch
Manager of Patricia Lalor & Beaux

Robert’s knowledge, contacts, generosity and welcoming but firm style is exactly what we needed from this key position. We can’t thank him and the Sound Advice team enough for their diligence and commitment.

Jack Abraham
Manager of Kansas Smitty’s

Honestly, Sonia, you are a bloody superstar!

Sandy Dworniak
Manager of Liam Howe and Jim Abbiss

Robert and Sonia are all an absolute credit to the legal profession within the music industry. Fun, knowledgeable and hard-nosed. Very good to have on your side.

Jamie Hole
Co-Managing Director / Co-Founder / Whole Entertainment Ltd

I wanted to meet you [Sonia] first as you are the first lady of the industry.

Lunick Bourgess
Co-owner of Dream Life Records / Sony Music UK

From touring to record deals, Robert and his team have consistently offered honest and effective advice for both me and my artists, whilst obviously caring about the people and the music behind the work.

Matt Fripp
Manager Hailey Tuck & Anthony Strong

Jules O’Riordan – The legendary ‘Judge Jules’ – amazing profile in the industry – great respect for his career as a DJ and tastemaker and so well placed to give legal advice, grounded with the experience of a seasoned creative practitioner as well as an experienced lawyer.

Chambers UK guide to the legal profession

I always thought that calling my company The Music & Media Partnership was the best way to communicate what we do; I think Robert and Sonia have perfected this with Sound Advice. That’s exactly what you get!

Rick Blaskey
The Music & Media Partnership

Thank you again for helping to make this come together so wonderfully. I really feel like the deal is in a great place, and my team, of you, Kobalt and AAM, is very dedicated and enthusiastic.

Martin Sjølie
songwriter/ Producer

Working with Sonia has been amazing, without doubt the most supportive, reliable and efficient law firm I have come across, they approach all situations with utmost integrity and care and never beat around the bush, they operate with 100% transparency and go over and above their quota. It’s refreshing to work with [Sonia] who shares the same passion as I do for my clients’ careers.

Dani Stephenson
Manager of Nana Rogues, Nevada & David Zowie / Straight Forward Music

She [Sonia] is good bro. No bullshit and straightforward. Like that!

MD @ SonyATV Music Publishing (Netherlands)

Sound Advice are amazing! The week before Xmas, Sonia completed a record deal with our artist and a major US label! She turned the whole thing around in 1 week!

Harry Anthony
INCredible Management

Sonia!!!! I honestly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and hard work throughout this year, I pray by God’s will that next year will be an amazing fruitful year for all of us thanks to the positive seeds we have been sewing throughout this year!! XX

Aaron Mensah
Climax Management/Music

Thanks Sonia. You’re an absolute star in every way.

Adam Helal
Producer / 2020 Audio – Tileyard Studios

Sometimes in life you make good decisions. Sometimes in life you make amazing decisions. Choosing Robert to be part of our team was an amazing decision. Robert is an incredible lawyer. He combines a top level knowledge of the law with an extraordinary ability to strategize and navigate through negotiations. I really appreciate his honest and straightforward style. When you work with Robert you know you have someone on your team who is working in your best interests and has your back. Plus his passion for the music is incredibly refreshing.

Jeff Cohen
Songwriter / Publisher/ Nashville

‘You got to have Robert on your team’ a trusted friend said to me when considering my next step in the music biz. How right they were. What I love about having Robert at the end of the phone is not only that he is a thorough and truly partisan lawyer, but that we discuss ideas creatively and he inspires me to aim high! And when we’re done with the business (and sometimes before!) we’ll always find time to giggle and talk cricket!

Neil Cowley

Thank you [Sonia] …. for your incredible patience, advice and professional manner. I massively appreciate you being on board throughout this process.

Jeni Saint
Ambassador Manager / National Citizen Service

We are really grateful that you [Sonia] worked so tirelessly on this contract and that you even found the time to sit down with their lawyer during ADE!! We appreciate you going the extra mile and we are not surprised that ultimately you were able to win us the terms we wanted.

Peter Chiesa
Manager of Tonino speciale / Escape Artist Management

Thank you!!! You [Sonia] are a superstar. I REALLY appreciate everything. We are always blown away.

Michael Harwood
Manager of Sonder/ Tiggs da Author/ Sigala / Tileyard Music

Blossoming music-focused boutique established by respected industry lawyers. Sonia Diwan is well-regarded for her music industry expertise. Sources speak admiringly of her impressive client base and describe her as “smart and organised.” Robert Horsfall is considered “a quality music lawyer” by sources with a focus on jazz musicians and international artists.

Chambers UK guide to the legal profession

Sound Advice have been a great addition to our business team, they are fantastic in making sense of complicated issues, advising on the best paths to follow and ultimately have contributed immeasurably to our continued growth and success, Robert is a pleasure to work with.

Mike Chadwick, manager of Snarky Puppy

Sound Advice have impeccable, seasoned knowledge of every aspect of the business of music and media.

Myles Keller
PRS for Music

Sonia Diwan is tenacious, commercial and very thorough.

Simon Hotchkiss
Director of Legal & Business Affairs UK / Universal Music Publishing

Sonia and Robert are tough negotiators but always commercially minded.

Jo Smith
Warner Chappell Music Publishing

Robert Horsfall has an incredible passion for his job and for music…

Niki Sanderson
Managing Director / Nonstop Promotions

Never has a company name been so apt. From top to bottom, start to finish “Sound Advice” is exactly what you get from Robert and Sonia.   Aside from their incredible skill in music law, to work with people who actually have a genuine passion for music is the icing on the cake!

Bob, Graeme and Mark @InTune Addicts

Thanks so much Sonia you’ve been amazing!

Sophie Bloggs
Manager of Oliver Dollar / Machine Management

… thank you so much for doing such an amazing job for us. I know I’m really lucky to have such a fantastic lawyer as you [Sonia]…

Sean Hargreaves
Writer / Producer

Sound Advice always add real value to both the negotiation and execution of any agreement my artists enter into. They often go beyond the call of duty.

Jho Oakley
JHO Management

I wanted to thank you [Sonia] for making this whole process so pleasant and efficient. It is quite rare to work with an “opposing” attorney whose main focus is to bring clarity to the overall negotiation over everything else”.

Olivier Chastan
Senior Vice-President / INgrooves Music Group

Sonia has been amazing to work with and we’d definitely recommend her. Well connected, thorough, savvy and most importantly always there when you need her, we’d rate her 10 out of 10.

99 Souls

It’s always great to find out Robert and Sound Advice are a part of one of my artist’s team. Logic, common-sense and a dedication to the project have always been at the forefront of everything we’ve worked on together. This, backed-up with experts in their field, adds formidable force to an artist’s career.

James Wright @ UTA

I’m so happy to have Robert and the Sound Advice team on board. They have helped take our music career to the next level and always go above and beyond the calls of duty – working tirelessly to get us the best opportunities and protect our rights. I am very thankful for Robert’s belief in me, my music and all he has done for my label, band and I.

Gabby Young

A good lawyer does so much more than just protect the band’s interests – they should be a vital part of your business team. Robert is just that, his vast experience, eye for detail and understanding of what’s possible, allied with his ability to give great clear summaries of deals, and also, and most importantly, understand the client’s needs, have quickly made him an indispensable ally as we march forwards.

Kerstan Mackness
Manager of GoGo Penguin

Alex is such a great partner to us, his attention to detail and passion for the artist comes across in everything he does.

Nicola @ ZenKai Management & Mike Bawden (Managers of Charlotte Jane)

[Sonia]Thank you for all of your hard work! We couldn’t be happier with the situation that you made happen for us.

Kian & Karl of MTHR

[Sonia] You’re amazing.  Thank you.

Ruth Gyariao / The Flight Club Management (TSB)

Robert at Sound Advice are always great to work with. New Soil works in a very bespoke way with its artists and partners so it really helps to know we are working with a legal team that brings not just experience and professionalism but also a real understanding of how to structure deals in a progressive and fair way that supports the underlying creativity at the heart of our industry. It also helps that they are good people, easy to work with and, perhaps most importantly of all, really passionate about music!

Fred Bolza, New Soil

Sound Advice and more specifically my lawyer Sonia Diwan have been a key component in the success of my business over the last few years. They are constantly working to better their services and also do an incredible job at creating a friendly, and trustworthy environment for their clients.  I have always found them to be efficient and very helpful in all of my business endeavours, and also very thorough in their contract analysis etc.  Furthermore, they also have a vast network of well-respected music industry professionals and this in itself has been an invaluable benefit for me and my career. I couldn’t recommend them more, as I am so grateful for my long standing business relationship with them.

Maestro ‘TheBaker’

More than a lawyer… that’s the best way I can describe Robert Horsfall. You are super knowledgeable, full of empathy and have the most eclectic contact book. You always give Sound Advice! Thank you for listening, thanks for opening doors and thanks for always having my back! The entire Sound Advice team, including Alex, have been just brilliant since you started representing me. I look forward to the many more exciting adventures we will go on together. 

YolanDa Brown

Having worked with Robert and Alex at Sound Advice over the past few years, I can honestly say it’s refreshing to meet lawyers who speak human and understand what’s important, balancing sensitivity with common sense.

Jay Cox, Manager of Emma-Jean Thackray & Maria Chiara Argirò