Our charity of choice is The Brit School – supporting young talent on their journey in the world of entertainment

We are passionate about the importance of music & arts education, particularly from a school that is open-to-all

Something For Nothing

We are often asked by family, friends and clients to help them get guest passes or free tickets for concerts and festivals or to send them free records.

And we, in turn, being genuine music lovers, often ask others to do the same for us. We are all fortunate to work in an industry that allows us access to great events for free when others have to pay, sometimes expensively, to get those same tickets.

So, when getting “something for nothing” we encourage those we are helping to make a donation to charity and we do likewise when we are the lucky recipients of free passes or tickets.

Here is the donations link to our charity of choice but, if you would prefer to give something to another charity of your choice, then that would be just as fine with us.

We are all blessed with good health and good fortune, so let’s collectively help those who aren’t so lucky.