We are a law firm with a difference

From our birth in 2008 we set out to be a “law firm with a difference” and pride ourselves on several USPs.

We were born in 2008, operating initially in Covent Garden but since 2012 we have been a very active and passionate part of Tileyard Studios, Kings Cross, now truly at the epicentre of the UK music industry.

Tileyard is a creative hub par excellence and we are closely associated with it and appreciated for its gestation and impact.

We will also be part of Tileyard Wakefield when that opens for business in late 2022. We give our time and expertise to Tileyard Education.

Our work ethos

We do what we can to help our clients’ dreams come true; we support them “through thick and thin”; we “work smart” and always try to “see the wood from the trees”; give value for money with a view to “making a difference”; we aim to demystify the law, to write and draft in plain English; we take a flexible approach to billing and take the long term view, hoping, expecting and deserving to be in the client’s business life forever; we appreciate we are just one part of the client’s team and aim to work dynamically and cooperatively within that team. We are deliberately small and niche: at Sound Advice you know who will be handling your work.

Most importantly, we all love music and you will see us at gigs and industry events; we all devour different forms of culture as “our oxygen”; we network, getting to know industry veterans and new up and comers, all with a view of remaining connected with and absorbed by our industry.

Our expertise

Amongst the contracts we have an expertise in are:


  • Management
  • Recording
  • Distribution
  • Publishing
  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandising
  • Live performance
  • Band member and partnership arrangements
  • Production
  • Licensing
  • Brand partnerships
  • Investment funding such as VCT and EIS schemes
  • So called 360-degree deals
  • DIY/artist-owned labels
  • Catalogue transactions (including due diligence and valuation work)
  • NFT’s
  • Stage musicals
  • Executive service contracts
  • Book publishing contracts
  • Computer games
  • Scoring / soundtrack contracts for film and TV
  • Neighbouring rights agreements


Needless to say, we know and understand all aspects of copyright law

Disputes & Litigation

Sadly, in this industry people occasionally fall out or there or copyright disputes. Our philosophy is always to look for a negotiated settlement and to settle out of court whenever possible to avoid the costs and strains of a contested case. We know the best Counsel, musicologists, litigators and experts to work with.